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  • Ein­satz­be­rei­che:

    Mar­ke­ting & Kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­on, Ver­trieb & Kun­den­be­treu­ung

  • Auf­ga­ben und An­for­de­run­gen:

    Du möch­test fle­xi­ble Ar­beits­zei­ten, von da­heim, vom ba­li­ne­si­schen Strand oder in der Bib ar­bei­ten?

    Du wünscht dir ein in­ter­na­tio­na­les, eng­lisch­spra­chi­ges Um­feld, liebst Per­so­nal Growth The­men und möch­test Teil ei­ner mit­rei­ßen­den Vi­si­on sein?

    Hel­lo wir sind Be­du­ca­ted, und auf der Su­che nach je­man­den, der uns in ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­ven Din­gen un­ter­stützt.

    What We Do
    We’re con­nec­ting peop­le. We want peop­le to feel con­nec­ted bet­ween the sheets to be­co­me their best sel­ves in­si­de and out of the be­droom. For that, we pu­blish on­li­ne sex & re­la­ti­ons­hip edu­ca­ti­on for grown-ups.

    What You’ll Do
    - You pro­vi­de lo­ving and ca­ring cust­o­m­er sup­port to our cli­ents via email and chat
    - You help to an­s­wer ques­ti­ons (and the­re­fo­re sel­ling pro­ducts) to our po­ten­ti­al cli­ents via email and chat
    - You help us un­der­stand our cust­o­m­ers and their nee­ds bet­ter
    - You crea­te a weekly re­port about what’s go­ing on in our cust­o­m­er’s head
    - You ad­mi­nis­ter and en­ga­ge our va­rious Face­book groups
    - You en­ga­ge the fol­lo­wers of our Ins­ta­gram ac­count

    What You Need to Suc­ceed
    - You are flu­ent in English.
    - You ha­ve 10-15h/week ti­me to work with us, and can com­mit to at least one hour every day
    - You ha­ve working ex­pe­ri­ence in the field of So­ci­al Me­dia and Cust­o­m­er Sup­port/Ser­vice.
    - You ha­ve strong com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on skills (email, chat).
    - You are a high­ly de­tai­led fel­low that sticks to in­struc­ti­ons.
    - You’re well or­ga­nis­ed and use an on­li­ne task ma­na­ger to get stuff do­ne.
    - You’re able to learn things fast, li­ke new soft­wa­re, new struc­tu­res, etc. and get exci­ted about it.

    What Can You Ex­pect?
    - You can work re­mo­te­ly from anyw­he­re - as well as from our char­ming head­quar­ters in Mu­nich.
    - You can work on fle­xi­ble hours and pet the of­fice dog whe­ne­ver you need a break.
    - Our hi­ring pro­cess ta­kes a bit to ma­ke su­re that we’re a match. We’re not go­ing to pull a Mos­by and say “I love you” on the first date.
    - You’ll join a team that ca­res for each other, loves sas­sy jo­kes and is ma­de of au­then­tic peop­le.
    - This po­si­ti­on is a long-term po­si­ti­on, so you bet­ter plan with us :)

    Start: As So­on As Pos­si­ble

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    Be­wer­ben Zu­rück zur Lis­te
    Be­wer­ben Zu­rück zur Lis­te
    12,00 €/Std.
    ab so­fort un­be­fris­tet ca. 10 Std. pro Wo­che
    81673 Mün­chen -