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    von Eng­lisch auf Ita­lie­nisch

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    Stu­dent Trans­la­tor (Fre­e­lan­ce)

    **Job De­scrip­ti­on:**
    We are see­king mul­ti­lin­gu­al stu­dents with over 3 ye­ars of trans­la­ti­on ex­pe­ri­ence to as­sist with the lo­ca­liza­t­i­on of our tech­no­lo­gy and elec­tro­nics pro­duct web­sites and ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons. This ro­le is per­fect for tho­se loo­king for fle­xi­ble fre­e­lan­ce op­por­tu­nities to ex­pand their port­fo­lio in the trans­la­ti­on sec­tor.

    **Re­qui­red Lan­gua­ges:**
    - English to French
    - English to Ita­li­an
    - English to Spa­nish
    - English to Por­tu­gue­se
    - Ger­man to the above lan­gua­ges

    - Trans­la­te and lo­ca­li­ze web­site and app con­tent for elec­tro­nic tech pro­ducts.
    - En­su­re trans­la­ti­ons re­tain the nu­an­ces and to­ne of the ori­gi­nal con­tent.
    - Col­la­bo­ra­te with our team to meet pro­ject dead­li­nes.

    - Over 3 ye­ars of trans­la­ti­on ex­pe­ri­ence.
    - Cur­rent­ly en­rol­led in or a re­cent gra­dua­te of a re­le­vant de­gree pro­gram.
    - Pro­fi­ci­ent in both sour­ce and tar­get lan­gua­ges, with the tar­get lan­gua­ge being at na­ti­ve le­vel.
    - Pre­fe­rence for tho­se with ex­pe­ri­ence in tech­no­lo­gy or elec­tro­nics pro­duct trans­la­ti­on.

    **How to Ap­p­ly:**
    Plea­se sub­mit your re­su­me, a brief co­ver let­ter, and sam­ples of your pre­vious trans­la­ti­on work through [In­sert Ap­p­li­ca­ti­on Pro­cess]. Spe­ci­fy your lan­gua­ge pairs and avail­a­bi­li­ty.

    We va­lue di­ver­si­ty and en­cou­ra­ge stu­dents of all back­grounds to ap­p­ly.

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Be­wer­ben Zu­rück zur Lis­te

Be­wer­ben Zu­rück zur Lis­te
300,00 €/pau­schal
ab so­fort 2 Ta­ge
10719 Ber­lin